For over 40 years, Sipromac has used its expertise to manufacture vacuum sealers that are durable, increase food shelf life and eliminate waste.
Our vacuum sealers

Sipromac has three vacuum-packaging solutions for you. Our tabletop, single-chamber and double-chamber sealers are each adapted to meet different production needs. What are yours?

Let’s fight food waste

About one-third of the world’s food is lost each year. That’s US$1 trillion in waste!

Reducing food waste–and the resulting greenhouse gases–is one of the best ways to protect the planet.


By vacuum sealing!

Vacuum sealing preserves food, flavor and freshness longer. It also saves time and money, and is even great for the environment since vacuum packaging greatly reduces food waste. So when we say everything, we mean everything. HELPS YOU SAVE EVERYTHING

Saves food

By slowing the growth of bacteria and blocking external contaminants, vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of foods. And not just a little: up to 2 to 5 times over! It also helps marinades and spices penetrate the food, enhancing color and taste.

Saves the environment
Nearly one-third of all edible food in the world ends up in the trash. That’s some 1.3 billion tons of food every single year, and the greenhouse gases that go with! Luckily, vacuum sealing is a great way to reduce your food waste.
Saves space

Vacuum sealing optimizes your refrigerator space. That’s because the sealing process sucks the air out of the bag and decreasing its size. The result? Far more free space on your shelves!

Saves time

Pre-portioning food means you can serve more customers in less time. Vacuum sealing also makes managing your inventory easy.

Saves money

All these advantages and more save food–a lot of food–and that makes your company more profitable.

Why Sipromac?

Choosing Sipromac means you reap the benefits of our experience as a leader in the manufacturing and food industries. You can count on our machines, but also on us!



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