Dual-Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Our range offering the greatest production output

The largest and most powerful sealer in the Sipromac line. Our double-chamber model seals your products with greater efficiency since one chamber can be loaded while the other is sealing. Thanks to a unique spring system, the double-chamber model can be operated with only one finger, making it one of our most ergonomic.

Our double-chamber sealers’ industrial capacity makes them the best solution for packaging large volumes.


  • Stainless steel construction, grade 304
  • Double seam band element
  • Ergonomic spring system
  • Casters with locking mechanism
  • Vacuum sensor in %
  • Hinged panels
  • Silencer for end-of-cycle aeration

Dual-Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Available Models

Technical specifications

Seal bars
Length 4 x 19.1” (485 mm)
Distance between bars 18.0″ (457 mm)
Width 55.75″ (1416 mm)
Length 31” (787 mm)
Height 43” (1092 mm)
Chamber height 8” (203 mm)
Busch pump 40 m3/h
Estimated cycle time (99.5% vacuum) 30 to 45 seconds
Voltage 208V / 3PH / 60 Hz (208-220V), 4-meter cable and 30A plug
Microprocessor MC-40
Weight 739lb
Packaging Wooden crate



Available on backorder

Available on backorder



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Testimonials from satisfied customers

- Camille Salvas
Fromagerie Polyethnique
Le Bédouin

« We have been using Sipromac for over 20 years. It’s been so efficient in giving us great production capacity that it’s allowed us to double, even triple it! »

- Carly Foley
Fauxmagerie Zengarry

« We started vacuum sealing our cheeses because we had some quality issues. The sealer really saved us. As soon as we started vacuum sealing, our quality problems disappeared. »

- Bob Vasaturo
Westshore Pizza

« We used to cut a quarter stick of salami and turkey at a time. Now we can cut the whole thing in one go and the product lasts three times as long. It saves us a lot of time. It’s so fresh when you open it, it’s like you just sliced it. »

- Renaud Henry
Les équipements Cascapédia Inc., distributeur officiel

« I just finalized a delivery for one of my customers. I always work with the best manufacturers. Two pieces of equipment were delivered on time, Sipromac being one of them. I am satisfied with the double chamber vacuum sealers. With the connectors attached to the stainless-steel seal bars, I give them a score of 100%.

I’ve been in the business for over 30 years and I can assure you that Sipromac vacuum sealers are way ahead of the competition. »