Our vacuum sealers

Sipromac offers a full range of vacuum sealing equipment adapted to the most demanding uses.

Why Sipromac?

Choosing Sipromac means you reap the benefits of our experience as a leader in the manufacturing and food industries. You can count on our machines, but also on us!



High performance



Quick payback

Our Applications

Versatile and reliable, Sipromac’s vacuum sealers are suitable for all types of customers. No matter what industry you are in, Sipromac’s products, team and expertise have one important thing in common: you can trust them!


Food processing

Vacuum packaging enhances meats, fish, cheeses and plant-based products by maximizing their freshness and shelf life.


Butcher shops and slaughterhouses

Focused on making the perfect cut? Definitely important. But so is preserving it! Use our vacuum sealers to make sure it stays perfect.


Restaurants and hotels

Vacuum sealing maximizes storage space, maintains food freshness and flavor, increases shelf life, and eliminates food waste–all priorities for busy restaurateurs like you!



We know ensuring food safety and product quality is your priority. That’s why vacuum sealing should be a deli counter essential.



Vacuum packaging keeps your product fresh and also optimizes your storage space.


Non-food industries

Not in the food industry? Vacuum sealing is still for you! Electronics, mechanical parts and medical supplies may all also benefit from packaging.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

- Camille Salvas
Fromagerie Polyethnique
Le Bédouin

« We have been using Sipromac for over 20 years. It’s been so efficient in giving us great production capacity that it’s allowed us to double, even triple it! »

- Carly Foley
Fauxmagerie Zengarry

« We started vacuum sealing our cheeses because we had some quality issues. The sealer really saved us. As soon as we started vacuum sealing, our quality problems disappeared. »

- Bob Vasaturo
Westshore Pizza

« We used to cut a quarter stick of salami and turkey at a time. Now we can cut the whole thing in one go and the product lasts three times as long. It saves us a lot of time. It’s so fresh when you open it, it’s like you just sliced it. »

- Renaud Henry
Les équipements Cascapédia Inc., distributeur officiel

« I just finalized a delivery for one of my customers. I always work with the best manufacturers. Two pieces of equipment were delivered on time, Sipromac being one of them. I am satisfied with the double chamber vacuum sealers. With the connectors attached to the stainless-steel seal bars, I give them a score of 100%.

I’ve been in the business for over 30 years and I can assure you that Sipromac vacuum sealers are way ahead of the competition. »