Choosing the Right Tabletop Vacuum Packaging Machine

When looking for a commercial vacuum sealer, there are so many choices out there. Should you save money and buy a low-cost unit, or should you invest in a higher-quality one from the get-go?

Based on a machines comparison, here is a list of important elements to consider to make an informed decision.

Sipromac Tabletop Vacuum Sealers

Low-cost Tabletop Vacuum Sealers

Life span of over 25 years

Average life span of 5 years

5 machines needed over the life span of a Sipromac = more materials and resources used

Full stainless-steel construction

Robust and heavy-duty, grade 304

Stainless steel frame only

  • Interior in plastic or aluminum

Tends to bend inward due to pressure

Busch pump

  • Highest quality in the industry, engineered for hours of continuous operations
  • Rotary vanes technology creating no friction between parts
  • Continuous, smooth vacuum offering higher vacuum pull
  • High speed

Low-cost pumps

  • Can either be dry-pumps or entry-level oil-pumps
  • Low quality oil pump: Weak vacuum pull
  • Dry pumps: Interior membrane may dry and break with time. Creates a pulsation phenomenon resulting in weak vacuum pull or air traps
  • Low speed

Made for limited daily use

Vacuum in % with electronic sensor

  • High accuracy
  • Eliminates all contaminants (99.8%)
  • Standardization (even when product weight, shape or temperature varies)

Eliminates risks of freezer burn

Vacuum in time with gage sensor

  • Low accuracy
  • Does not ensure the removal of all contaminants, affecting shelf life.
  • No standardization

Runs the pump for longer than needed, affecting machine durability and production time

Control panel

  • Save up to 20 different programs

Automated start when closing the lid

Control panel

  • Max 1-6 programs on most machines

Chamber height: 6.8’’ available in models 350 and over

  • One of the largest chambers in their category

Allows to seal high product such as whole chickens

Chamber height: around 4’’

Does not allow to seal high products

Flat lid

More resistant than dome lid

Dome lid

Thinner lids tend to crack

Starts at USD $3,500 Averages USD $1,000

Parts availability

  • Over 20 years after the purchase

Common parts available next-day shipping

Parts availability

  • Limited availability

Long shipping delays

Choose performance and durability


For over 40 years, Sipromac has used its expertise to manufacture high-performance vacuum sealers that are durable, increase food shelf life and eliminate waste.

For only $2,500 extra, you get a machine that will last you 5 times longer – over 25 years to be exact. That’s only $1.36 a day over the average life span of a low-cost unit!

The tabletop vacuum sealer is the solution for sealing your small foods. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, this model is well-suited for small production volumes. It’s compact and easy to handle, and can be used right on the table or counter to maximize your production space.

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