Sipromac Refreshed Itself with a Brand-new Identity.

Oye Oye! We are proud to unveil our new identity with the launch of our brand-new transactional website focusing on food waste reduction.

An Essential Change for Sipromac’s Future

This new approach aims to create a unique identity to Sipromac, facilitate the shopping experience, and democratize the use of vacuum packaging for all!

“Our mission is to create sustainable solutions so everyone can preserve food and eliminate food waste. Every restaurant, butcher shop or grocery store should own a vacuum sealer. Vacuum packaging has, for long, been thought of as either a sous vide cooking tool or a piece of equipment exclusive to food processing plants. It’s so much more than that.”, explains Maxim Jacques, Product Manager.


Sipromac Helps You Save Everything

It’s not just about vacuum-sealed food. While the classic function of the vacuum sealer suggests extending food shelf life while enhancing flavors, our vacuum packaging machines also helps saving time, money, space and the environment by reducing waste.

Thanks to its versatility and reliability, Sipromac helps you save everything that matters to you.

  1. Helps you save flavor and freshness of any food by extending shelf life by 2 to 5 times.
  2. Helps you save the environment by eliminating food waste.
  3. Helps you save money by reducing food waste and therefore your costs.
  4. Helps you ensure food safety by blocking the micro-organisms responsible for their deterioration or contamination.
  5. Helps you save space by reducing the size of packages, leaving more space in your fridge and on your shelves.
  6. Helps you save time by allowing you to optimize inventory management. 

Let’s Fight Food Waste Together

About one-third of the world’s food is lost each year. That’s US$1 trillion in waste! It’s crazy but it’s true.

Reducing food waste–and the resulting greenhouse gases–is one of the best ways to protect the planet.

That’s why we believe every action makes a difference, especially when it comes to eliminating food waste on a small or large scale. By pre-portioning food, using only what is needed and vacuum sealing, it is possible to save food…lots of food!

A commercial vacuum sealer can save you up to US$12,000 per year to be exact.

 That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?